Blazer CG-001torchtändare singel - svart

  • Mærke: Blazer
  • Lagerbeholdning: Tillfälligt slut
  • 699.00 kr

Företaget Blazer, som antände hela torch-trenden och satte ett oåterkalleligt avtryck på cigarrvärlden.

A legend in the industry, the CG-001 builds upon the established high quality of the Blazer Torch. This unique cigar lighter has gained massive popularity worldwide and has come to be known simply as "The Blazer". The CG-001 boasts the same precision engineering, quality craftsmanship and exceptional reliability you've come to expect from Blazer Products. Durable outer body construction adds to the solid look and feel, while the powerful wind-resistant blue flame and clear fuel gauge help put this lighter over the top in terms of both function and value. Available in a wide array of finishes, ranging from our exclusive super saturated translucent colors to more traditional neutral finishes.

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