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Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Petit Belicoso

Det här ser ut som en riktigt läcker patron med sitt Claro Claro täckblad och sina stilrena gördlar. Text i guld på vit botten. Snyggt i mina ögon. Det spetsiga huvudet ser ut att ha stängts på kubanskt vis genom att använda två mindre bitar tobaksblad med invik som sluter skalpen. Jag hittar inga fakta om wrappern men min gissning är att den odlats i Honduras. Rätta mig gärna på den punkten om jag har fel. ...

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Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel

In the early 1990s, the premium cigar market began to drastically change. Rocky Patel lived and worked in Los Angeles as an entertainment and product liability lawyer. Through a friend, Rocky was introduced to cigars and became instantly fascinated by them. He joined the Grand Havana Club in Los Angeles as one of its founding members. While dabbling in various investment ventures, Rocky was approached with a business plan to manufacture cigars. It was still the early days of the cigar boom, and Rocky was still apprehensive. However, the investment was made, and while his friends and colleagues had said, “Don’t be foolish, you’ll never make it in the cigar industry,” Rocky had already completed the first step of his journey. In 1996 at the RTDA trade show in Cincinnati, Ohio, Indian Tabac Cigar Co. had arrived. People flocked to the booth to purchase hundreds of these new, brightly packaged sticks. Rocky felt that it was up to the young companies to come into the marketplace with fresh ideas, bold packaging and fuller cigars. With his eye-popping packaging, Patel has gone against the grain and the strategy certainly paid off. The rest is history......
Cuban Cigars

Cuban Cigars

Choose your Cuban cigars from Habanos Nordics range. We carrey cigars from the simpler Jose L Piedra and Quinteros to exclusive top brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo Y Julietta and Trinidad.


The symbol was adopted by the Casdagli family as a trading symbol in the 1800s. A Levantine Greek family, the Casdaglis based them selves in Cairo trading in the finest Egyptian cotton. Their interests also included shipping, tobacco and Arabian horse breeding. At the same time the following motto was also adopted: "“Good things are hard to come by!". To continue the Casdagli tradition Emanuel Casdagli’s great great grandson, Jeremy Nicholas Casdagli, launched the Bespoke cigar range in 1997. A symbol of quality & luxury.
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